WD & Servers & Linux

I’m thinking about redoing my hardware yet again, this time to a home server type setup. Do you think there would be a problem if I put WD on the server (I’m thinking about the amount of HD access and possibly memory usage)? Would it be better on its own HD? At the moment it is on its own machine, but if it were on the server that would be one less machine running when I wasn’t home…

Another question. How does the Linux version compare to the windows version? I’m also thinking about making the “server” a Linux machine.

(Not that I really have time to play right now, but winter is coming…)


Tarma: I have WD running on a W2KSP4 intel PC (1.8 Ghz CPU, w 1gb memory) used as a web server (home server) running Apache 2.048. This works fine. I trust that a Linux box would perform as good or even better. HD access and CPU utilization are almost negligible.


It is not as extensive as the Windows version. I would recommend not moving WD to a Linux box.

Interesting. Thanks! (Now if the real job would just settle down so I could catch up with the “important” stuff!) :wink: