WD QT build 08 - May 2nd release

I downloaded this release this morning and gotten this message several times. At one point it had crashed WD. I went back to the previous release of WD build 8. I checked disk space, memory, etc. and see no problems with the files or the machine. The wdisplayftp.ini has not been corrupted as far as I can tell.

Mike - N7DQ

Wunderground rapid fire data send Ok 10:55:05
 TabSheet3:TTabSheet csDesigning=False
[HINT] TWinControl.CreateWnd creating Handle during loading Formfwigraph:TFormfwigraph csDesigning=False
TApplication.HandleException Unable to create file "/home/mbates/weather/wdisplay/wdisplayftp.ini"
  Stack trace:
  $08925086  TFORMINTERNET__REALTIMEUPLOAD,  line 2898 of internetuploads.pas
  $0891B236  TFORMINTERNET__TIMER1TIMER,  line 748 of internetuploads.pas
  $08AC8CF5  TCUSTOMTIMER__DOONTIMER,  line 182 of customtimer.pas
  $08AC8C5F  TCUSTOMTIMER__TIMER,  line 157 of customtimer.pas
  $08B019B3  TQTTIMER__EVENTFILTER,  line 3303 of qtobjects.pas

$08925086 TFORMINTERNET__REALTIMEUPLOAD, line 2898 of internetuploads.pas

the problem will be where I am forcing an update to the wdisplayftp.ini file (in case otherwise its cached in memory only)
but if that file is in use by one of the cron programs then it might conflict

its probably a random event
so I would try runnning that version again, instead of using an older version (because then I am not able to move forward and find out what is tripping things up)

I have been able to run for about two hours and create it consistently. Also, the WDISPLAY.INI file takes a hit, probably for the same reason.

Mike - N7DQ

I am running the mac version here, as my weather windows pc died,with real time enabled
and I am not getting that problem here
I will do some comparing of codeā€¦

I going to try to turn off real time updates and FTP with the latest release and see what happens. I have an old release on now and no errors. I am going to have setup a local web site to I can test it out further changes.

Mike - N7DQ

I know what I changed, and so will get an update out today that should fix it