WD now works with the THC268 temp only sensor for the WMR968

What a long road.
First, I purchased a wmr918 from germany, and a temp/hum sensor …but they did not sell the temp only sensor
so, I purhcased a temp only sensor from the USA
I could not get the station console to read the sensor
It then turned out the german console does not support a temp only sensor
so then i purchased a USA console.
It took a few weeks to get organised from the distributor, and then it was “lost” in the mail for a week

still did not work
it then turned out i had the wrong temp only sensor: it does not work with the weather statioin console
So then i purchaded a compatible temp only sensor (thc268)
and the console picked up the reading
and about 30 minutes later i have WD working with this sensor

version 9.75c