WD Notifications in Windows 10

Hi All… Have searched to see if I can find this issue in the forum, but didn’t have any liuck. Maybe someone can assist.

Recently moved to a new PC, Dell XPS, windows 10 etc… Moved WD across per the instructions here, and it’s working fine, better than on my old system, much more stable (that was likely system related)

However, in the Windows notification centre the WD notifications are not labeled as from Weather Display, they are labeled as “Embarcadero.DesktopToasts.3D8C2ACC” See the picture attached.

Any idea how I can get this to be correctly labelled.

From what I can find on the interwebz, it’s a Delphi thing… Just didn’t do it on my previous system, and notifications we from “Weather Display”



its not easily changed googling it
you might be able to suppress that title via a registry change maybe

I don’t actually see that title here on my windows 10 when I get a notification from WD
(instead I see weather display as the tile when I view the notification via the notification icon in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop)
I wonder if its some windows 10 setting then?

Hey Brian, Yes, I used to see “Weather Display” as the title on my prior system…
I searched the registry and found this :
and I changed Default to “Weather Display” (it was an empty value)

Can I force a notification in WD so I can test this?


you could…via changing say the max temp threshold to lower than your current temperature
and then restart WD
the problem is I think you will find is that registry setting is added to each time as there is a random app number added to the end of it?
but you can always try

Thanks, tried that and tested the notification. Still came up with Embarcadero.DesktopToasts.3D8C2ACC as the title of the notifications.

And yes, it always has 3D8C2ACC as the app number

I have asked for some help on this on a programming forum
(there is no code that I can change in the compiler)
I don’t know how or why you are even seeing this though…I do not see this here in testing here in my W10 notifications center

Thanks Brian. Yes, it’s really strange. I might try downloading the latest build of WD and re-installing anyway, can’t hurt. (I’m running 10.37S99 anyway, so pretty recent)

maybe see if there is any settings in windows 10 re notifications that might help
(where and how do you get to see the notifications like you have shown exactly?)

Yeah, already looked at that and in the notification settings, “Weather Display” is listed as the app.

how and where exactly are you able to see what you see that you posted a screen shot of?

Hi Again, sorry for the delay getting back to you. The image I showed was a crop of the Windows 10 notification area. Have a attached a new screen shot I just took. Am going to install the latest WD this weekend to see if anything gets “reset” in my system.

I tested,…but for me, it says weather display, instead of that embarcadero toast thing
but googling, you are not alone (affects other programs too)

Just installed the latest version 37s101 and same for the notifications.
I’m travelling for a few weeks with work from tonight, so will have to continue the investigation a bit later.
Thanks for your inputs and assistance Brian.


the latest version would not change anything as I made no changes to this
has anyone else seen this issue?