WD Not Downloading METARs

I’ve set up my home PC to act as both a web server and to run WD. As such, I’ve told WD to create local files only (“Use Weather Display’s own FTP (untick to create local files only)” is unticked), and told WD to put the files into the Web server directory.

All works fine - WD is creating the files and then putting them into the Web server’s directory, BUT, WD isn’t automatically downloading the METAR, which is used by WD to create the current weather icon. I can tell WD to manually download the METAR by pressing the “Test” button on the FTP/METAR download setup page, and that works fine - files are downloaded with no errors.

So my question is, what have I configured wrong? I’m sure that there must be some way to tell WD to just do it’s scheduled downloads (i.e. the METAR and the Weather Report), and not to do uploads.

Any help/suggestions would be welcome.

On the Setup screen for FTP/Internet/Metar, have you checked the option to “still use ftpupd.exe for everything but normal uploads”? That will let the ftp program continue to and download the files you want to download, and upload the data that you may want to upload to hamweather, weather underground, etc.


Yes, that was checked, but, as usual, it suddenly started to work. Fortunately, once it starts, it usually stays working. Now I can move on to identifying what’s causing the PC to lock up once every 24 hours. Hopefully, that will be nothing more than a process of elimination - start shutting down the programs, one by one, until it stops locking up.

Thanks for your help.

does it lock up at a certain time each time?

Don’t worry about it.

I’ve got a lot of programs that may be incompatibile running on the PC, so it could easily be one of the other programs that’s causing it to lock up. Currently it’s running a Web server from one vendor, a FTP server from another vendor, McAfee Anti-Virus, WD, and Disk-Keeper. In addition to that, two weeks ago I had to replace the motherboard and power supply, and then was forced to do a FDISK and reload XP in order to get it to start working right. (XP is up to just over 30 MS patches - just over 2 1/2 hours of downloading and installing via cable modem).

So, in addition to the likely prospect that I’ve got a conflict between one of the other applications, there’s always the possibility that I might either have a flaky motherboard or memory, or I could also have a set of bad drivers. I bought the cheapest motherboard I could find, and you know how that goes - you usually get what you pay for.

So, again, don’t worry about it. If I can pin the problem down to WD, then I’ll post on the BBS for help. Until then, let’s assume that it’s one of the programs/drivers that’s causing the problem.