WD Main Screen Data Box Configuration Question

Hi. I am currently running WD version 10.36u build 20. I have a question about the configuration size of the main screen data boxes. It looks to me like the data boxes kind of crowd the data fonts on the left side of the data box. The data box to the right side of the data fonts can be resized but the data box to the left side of the data fonts cannot be resized as fas as I can see. If you could stretch out the data box to the left of the data fonts it would make for a more eye-appealing data presentation. Thanks as always for any input on this question.

Data is always left aligned in the data boxes. Take it into account to manage a neat visual effect. Note that some boxes need to be wider than the actual reading to make room for additional digits.

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you can set the colour of the data boxes the same as the background colour…so they the data box disappears…or am i on the wrong track

Hi. Yes, you could set the background color the same as the data box color and that would eliminate the left-side crowding of the data fonts but personally I like being able to have a color contrast of the data box to the background and was wondering if there is any way to be able to extend the data box size to the left of the data fonts (as can be done on the right side of the data fonts). Ideally, if you could have the data fonts about centered in the data box with equal left and right margin ( I know on some data boxes you have to allow for extra digits to the right when double digit readings are displayed ) but if the the left margin could be set to the user’s preference allowing for the usual single or double digit readings in his/her weather domain that would be great. Thanks again for the help.