WD locking up

I am using the latest version of WD and over the past month WD has just locked up. The time on the display says current time, but the date stops and no data is logged, and no updates happen. The fix is to restart WD. I have experienced this twice in the past month. Often it’s only by looking at my webcam do I notice that it’s old data, then find WD has locked up.
Anyone experienced this?
Running in Vista since August with no problems.

I have experienced a similar problem. I don’t know what causes it, and it is different from the flatline that happens with the WMR100 that is most likely an issue with the WMR100 console output locking up (possible electrical interference).

One thing you can check, when it happens, check your programerrorlog.txt file for errors. You need to check it before you restart WD. It may be related to the error “Unable to write wdisplay.ini file” error. I suspect that since WD can’t write to the ini file that eventually the buffer overflows causing WD to stop collecting data but continue running, hence the clock is still keeping time. Hasn’t happened here in a long time so I have been unable to troubleshoot my system. I am a little behind on updates, still running 37Nb06 here…

Do you have automatic updates enabled for windows or any other software? Do you have any scheduled anti-virus or spyware scanning enabled?

I have had the same experience(lock-up) twice in the last three days. I am connected to a Honeywell TN924W.
I have windows update turned off (manual) and have virus scan set to scan once weekly @ 4:00AM
on Fridays. I have not checked the error log prior to reboot, but will do it if the problems occurs again.

need more information
like windows version, memory, cpu,version of WD, and build number,etc

I have no AV scheduled tasks

Windows Vista
Build 10.37N Build 08
6GB total memory

Have set to free memory at 3am

As mentioned by others this is a different fault other than the flat line. This is a stalling of the programme. If it happens again will check programme log.

Just had a look in my log file and see this error:

ERROR: Unable to write to C:\wdisplay\WDISPLAY.INI at time/date 8:17:43 PM 09/03/09
Above error or program log occured at :8:17:43 PM 09/03/09
ERROR: Unable to write to C:\wdisplay\WDISPLAY.INI at time/date 8:17:46 PM 09/03/09
Above error or program log occured at :8:17:46 PM 09/03/09
Reset overnight minimum temp 9:00:01 PM 09/03/09
Above error or program log occured at :9:00:01 PM 09/03/09

Any idea what causes this??

I’ve emailed about this before, as well as the occasional windows error when ftping to my website.
This occurs when the little red arrow appears on the yellow flash in the task bar.
As we are getting near to the ballooning season and friends are relying on my weather station for “actuals” in the area, it would be nice to get it resolved asap.