WD Linux com ports/usb ports/serial ports confusion - can't connect

Running Debian 5.0 I can install WD for Linux but can’t work out how to configure the USB connection from my Oregon WMR200 station. My PC has 4 USB sockets. How do I work out what to choose in the Control Panel/COM Port setup screen:

There are about 14 COM ports that I have to make a choice from (defaults to COM 1) - how do I know which one is correct?
There is a field waiting for me to enter “USB to serial name” - no idea what I do there
Clicking on “Click on needed USB to serial adaptor in list” nothing happens, the list remains empty
Clicking on “Refresh list of COM ports” doesn’t seem to do anything.

I have spent several days trying to get Linux to talk to my unit without success. The Linux installation guide on the WD website glosses over the very point where I am stuck - how do I know which of the four USB sockets on my PC is ttyS0?

Please help and please be patient with me. Thanks…

I can’t justify paying till I can get it to work.


Been a long time and my memory ain’t what it used to be…try looking in your dev directory and see if there is link pointing to ttyS0. I know on some of my installations they had psuedo links to the actual devices.

Appreciate your reply, but don’t really understand it and how I would apply it to the WD setup/Control Panel. Thanks anyway…

Sorry, the method I mentioned assumes you have familiarity with command line commands. I never used Debian so I don’t know if they even used that on their systems. Perhaps someone with Debian experience can shed some light…


Have you seen http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/39935



BR - Timo

No I hadn’t seen those links - thanks for directing me to them. I had just about given up on Linux and WD but you’ve given me some more things to try (after a couple of weeks of failure). Appreciate your help.

Silly question: would my Oregon MWR200 need specific Linux device drivers installed, or can I expect WDL to talk to my WMR200 if I can solve my com port configuration problem? I have searched for device drivers without success.


lsusb will let you look at your usb ports. Use lsusb as root or sudo when using it. You shouldn’t need any drivers as usb and serial “comm” port support is typical in linux distributions.

Well this may help a bit http://wiki.debian.org/HowToIdentifyADevice/USB
You’ll need to get used to the command line with Linux for trouble shooting I’m afraid.

for a wmr100, it should work out of the box on the Linux version
note its a HID USB device

what shows in a terminal window when you run the usbreader program?