WD Issue, posting incorrect last 24 hour rainfall through CWOP

Finally got the system configured correctly, but noticed a new issue that I cannot see to resolve. WD, when uploading my information to CWOp, shows 9.10 inches of rain for the previous 24 hours. However, we only had 1.5 inches. I have cleared all the old values through the Control Panel, Units, Rainfall, but, CWOP/APRS still report 9.11 inches of rain past 24 hours. I checked the upload string, and that information is in the upload data to CWOP.

APRS,TCPIP*:@081945z2816.60N/08120.24W_230/006g013t076r157p911307P157b10122h88.WD 38

How do I correc this so that I am showing the correct information to CWOP and MADIS?

Now I noticed that WD is reporting my storm rain totals at 1026.36 inches of rain.

you will need to reset/correct the graph rain data used
either by resetting that graph data line in the graph correct in the graph setup
or zero out the rain data in the logfile then convert the logfile to data file

for the storm rain , reset that value in the wdisplay.ini file, when WD is not running

also, you can use, action, reset daily extremes, then click on reset rain last 6 hours