WD is sounding a windows sound every minute

Hi all,

I have been getting windows error sounds every minute, on the minute.
I ignored it but i have just formatted and installed a fresh system and i am still getting that sound.

When WD is closed, the alert doesn’t happen.
I tried closing wd’s webcamcapture software, it wasn’t that causing it.

So what within weather display would cause a windows alert sound to happen every minute at 00 seconds?
No error messages are associated with the sound.
Running WD .exe 43build.
Many thanks,

Is it possible that one of the cooling fans has died, or dust inside computer. When you put a load on computer (WD) it over heats?

Nah it won’t be that. I only blew the laptop out a couple of weeks ago.
Temperature rarely exceeds 50c at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

there should be an associated error I would think
(i.e in WD, under view, program event log)
is it a donk sound?

Under that option, there is 1 error noted,

152: No server specified in URL

Where do i find the settings to that error and would that cause the “dongs” ?

is that error occuring every minute?
its not clear

Unsure of that Brian, It’s just that one line in the log.

Do you want me to keep that screen open, clear the error and see if it reappears after 1 minute?
I’m at work at the moment, I’ll do the above later when I get it in if you wish.

ok home now,
Just done what was suggested earlier, it appears the windows bong sound doesnt relate to anything appearing in the program event log screen :frowning:

Any chance you have an alert set in Weather Alerts with a sound, not that i can think of an alarm that would sound every minute from weather alerts…


Good point, never thought of those alarms, but it doesn’t look to be the culprit. :frowning:

Would installed the diagnostic version of WD tell me what is triggering the windows error sounds?

you could try
have you set WeatherD.exe to run as administrator if W7/W8 ?

you could also .zip and email me your settings files and I will check/test here

its not doing it here
with your settings
(I let WD run for a few minutes)
maybe its your firewall or antivirus program or something else in windows that is not liking something you have WD set to do every minute

hmm very strange.

I don’t use anti-virus or firewalls, but the windows firewall was running.
Turn that off now, still getting sounds every minute.

I think i may just switch windows sounds off, might be the best way around it.

I will have a look through WD’s settings and see what it is by disabling stuff, see where that gets me.

Would it narrow things down if i were to say when i start weather display,
the first minute that passes nothing is sounded, its only the second minute onwards that it has the windows sound?

I can rule out wdftp programs, realtime and wdcapture programs.

OK, its now fixed, well teh last 3 minutes have gone passed with a sound.

It looks like something to do with lightning2000 nowcast file.

I disabled the feature of wd looking up the last minute worth of data and its stopped the sound.

Thanks for the help Brian, knowing it worked fine on your PC helped me out!

Cheers again for the support and the ideas from other members!

because I dont have that file, it would not have tried to read that data
has anyone else used that feature and had this problem?