WD is dead

Upgraded to 9.38a from 9.36e. Now it won’t run. Rolled back to 9.36e and IT won’t run either. Starts up, then pops up an error msg.


Then windows say wdisplay.exe has created errors and will be shut down by windows. you will need to restart the program.

I’ve narrowed it down to something in wdisplay.ini by uninstalling, and copying the old files over one at a time, but darned if I can find it so far.

I’ve got it half-way working, I rolled back to 9.36d. It’s not ftp’ing, and alot of the month to date and year to date records are gone. And it not creating any of the graphic files.

its becuase good ole me made a change (shoul have been for the better) to the way you set the log files, data files location (under setup, general and misc), and the web files location (under setup, ftp setup, web files)

an extra \ on the directory path however , causes problems with win98 (but not later windows versions)

the settings for the those locations are set in the wdisplay.ini file in c:\windows (or c:winnt)

try resetting the location for each of those folders, then restart
let me know how you go
(default locations,i.e never been set before, its OK)

nope, that did not work. But, surprisingly I found out what it was…I noticed this morning that the graph was not updating, so I reset it. And now it’s working! It’s creating all the graphics, ftp’ing, and everything! weird!

that is weird

but i have noticed similar…i.e if there is a bad error in the new ftp program, then graph is frozen, until i clear that error in the ftp…then the grpah jumps alive (tyhe real time graph has been still plotting away as has the graph history as far as i could tell)
i have not figured out what is happening there yet