WD Graph Windspeed

Has anyone noticed that when setting windspeed lines to ‘blocked in’ mode on the graph on the main screen, individual max gusts can sometimes be erased. These individual gusts can reappear or disappear at random.

which version/build of WD?
and what graphing interval do you have in use?

Its version 10.37S44. The graphing interval I have in use is 12 hrs but the symptoms I described are there irrespective of which graphing interval. I have included a couple of screenshots taken within a few minutes of each other and looking closely you can see several differences in gust peaks etc.

2017-04-18 08_58_12-Weather Display - Ver 10.37S44 - Registered  -currdatalst ESE,2.0 kts,3.4 °C.png

2017-04-18 08_59_08-Weather Display - Ver 10.37S44 - Registered  -currdatalst NNE,1.4 kts,3.4 °C.png

not every graphing point can be displayed
(there is not enough resolution in the graph)
so that is why you see a different set of data graphed (its how the graphing component works)

if you set to 3 plotting interval then it should not be as bad

Thanks for that explanation Brian, but I am not clear as to why the ‘Blocked In’ mode makes this so noticeable. Any other wind speed lines options do not exhibit this behaviour, or if they do, it is virtually imperceptible.