WD for Linux won't run on SUSE 9.2 or 10.1

Both versions get the same error: Floating point exception./WeatherD

If anyone has a fix to this please let me know.

What version have you installed and have you put the .so files in the deploy directory?

I used the latest Linux versions V5.5w and 10.37G.
I moved the .so files into the deploy directory when I got the “file not found” error.
Then when executing the GoWeather.sh command the error “Floating point exception./WeatherD” was displayed.
The program aborts and will not start.

Check that you have GTK Wigets 2.1 unstalled

the problem occurs depending on your version of libc installed
see the thread, new compiler, for info on that

I’ve E-mailed you a different version of the .so files. Try them and let us know if it helps.

Just to reinforce Windy prupose, please do a ls /lib/lic* and post the result.
edit : try Don’s version. You are safe if not using usb station but a serial station

Great news Don. The version of the files you sent successfully started SUSE 9.2.
SUSE 10.1 is still a no go however.
When I do a “ls /lib/lic*” there are no files on either SUSE 9.2 or 10.1.


I also try to get it running, but than on debian…
debian etch 2.6.18-5-486
kde 3.5.5, is it better tuo run it under gnome or so?
error is:
./WeatherD: error while loading shared libraries: libgdk_pixbuf.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
and than it stops.

I made the dir deploy, and copyed the file’s
weer@epia:~/wd/deploy$ ls
libcom.so libhid.so libhid.so.0 liblunar.so

I’m reading at the moment thrue the new compiler lazarus ( a lot of pages:-))

that sounds like you have GTK missing?


It seems like I’ve gtk and gtk 2.0, perhaps you need special modules, witch are standard in ubunto or mandrake, I did load more pixbuf modules(libs)

And is did switched to gnome instead of kde
The error is:
weer@epia:~/wd$ ./GoWeather.sh
./GoWeather.sh: line 20: 11019 Floating point exception(core dumped) ./WeatherD
even get a core dump
It is 10Mb big. :roll:

the problem with floating point execption is discussed on the new compiler thread and is due to differences in your libc version

Sorry for this Tim, I meant ls /lib/libc* instead.

what do you get with ls /lib/libc* I get:
weer@epia:~$ ls /lib/libc*
/lib/libc-2.3.6.so /lib/libcidn.so.1 /lib/libcrypt.so.1
/lib/libcap.so.1 /lib/libcom_err.so.2 /lib/libc.so.6
/lib/libcap.so.1.10 /lib/libcom_err.so.2.1 /lib/libctutils.so.0
/lib/libcfont.so.0 /lib/libconsole.so.0 /lib/libctutils.so.0.0.0
/lib/libcfont.so.0.0.0 /lib/libconsole.so.0.0.0
/lib/libcidn-2.3.6.so /lib/libcrypt-2.3.6.so

perhaps we can compare…



He has 2.3.6. I have my stuff compiled under 2.3.3. Don’t know if it is that much of a difference.

SUSE 10.1 has version 2.4 of libc

yes it is a difference enough for you to get in trouble if the libs were compiled on his machine.
at the oposite your libs on his machine will work.

to summarize suze 9.1 libc 2.3.3
suze 10.1 libc 2.4. is ther an other version that runs the 2.3.5 at least?
I can provide all WD libs compiled with this libc version. Unless Don succeed in compiling libhid in his 2.3.3 version.

No. I eliminated some of the errors and now it is whining because it doesn’t like my Python install - wants me to install the development kit, which I of course can’t find in my version… I’m actively working to decide on features for a new box and get this thing upgraded into something that’s still around! Besides, I’ve messed up some of the KDE utilities I really liked using for administration so I have another motivation…

another strange thing… at 12:36 lastnight, the clock in WD stopped. i restarted WD and it started back up.