WD finds Rainfall from nowhere

My WD installation has recorded 5 mm of rain suddenly falling at 1:24 pm.

Trouble is, it’s dry, and the VP Pro console is reporting 0.00 mm of rain today which is correct.

I have amended the figures in WD and reset the appropriate daily extremes; edited the logfile, reconverted it & rebuilt the last31day graph for the main screen, but… why on earth did WD suddenly just decide to add 5 mm of rain (in one go, BTW)?

I have never seen that happen here before
are you sure someone did you manualy enter rain into WD?

I only manually edited to remove the rain after the fact. At 13:24 WD just auto logged 5 mm rain, it also logged a wind gust spike at 38 mph about the same time which I’ve also removed. Neither result is recorded on the console, so I can only assume there was some noise or data corruption across the network. I have changed the ethernet cable connecting the PC to the router for a better quality piece to see whether that helps.