WD extratemp/hum tags for Ecowitt

I have finally decommissioned my old Oregon Scientific WMR200 station and have moved to an Ecowitt GW1102 - but with a GW2000 gateway.

Over the years I have customised my pwsWD dashboard and SteelSeries gauges with high/low extratemp/hum data from extra tags, but now I’m stumped. I used to use the WMR918/68extratemp series of tags, but that doesn’t work with Ecowitt. And neither does the VPextratemp series. . . but then I found the Dallas 1-Wire series.

The four %dallasextratemp1high/low% and %dallas extratemp1hightime/lowtime% tags work, but the four corresponding %dallasextrahumhigh/low% and %extrahumhightime/lowtime% tags do not: they display the main temp/hum data, not extratemp/hum :slightly_frowning_face:

Any ideas out there before I ask Brian about this?

It took me ages to get my extra sensors to show in WD, but finally got there. They showed up in the ecowitt tab under ecowitt sensors, but im only using Temp/Hum and soil moisture. I just emailed Brian about a tag i need and he did it straight away