WD does not recognize month transition if PC was off at midnight

WD 10.35N Win XP Home WS-2310
Last night the PC was off. When I started WD today 08-01 the historyextraction2310 reads:
Running histlog2300 now, comport #1
Time/date to get the data from is 08/31/2006 21:51:00
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
checking for the histlog2300 being finished
histlog2300 has finished, reading in the missed data now
rechecking Time/date to get the data from is 08/31/2006 21:51:00
copied the out2300.txt → out23002.txt
lines of data read in =1
raw data read in =20060731155100 2006-Jul-31 15:51:00 24.5 22.1 19.1 70 83 0.0 45.0 NE 22.1
151.26 1009.300
20060731155600 2006-Jul-31 15:56:00 24.6 22.1 19.1 71 83 0.0 337.5 NNW
22.1 151.26 1009.500
20060731160100 2006-Jul-31 16:01:00 24.6 22.1 19.1 71 83 0.0 292.5
WNW 22.1 151.26 1009.600
20060731160600 2006-Jul-31 16:06:00 24.6 22.0 18.8 70 82 0.0
315.0 NW 22.0 151.26 1009.500
20060731161100 2006-Jul-31 16:11:00 24.6 21.9 18.7 70 82
0.0 315.0 NW 21.9 151.26 1009.600
20060731161600 2006-Jul-31 16:16:00 24.6 21.8 18.8 70
83 0.0 22.5 NNE 21.8 151.26 1009.500
20060731162100 2006-Jul-31 16:21:00 24.6 21.8 18.8
70 83 0.0 90.0 E 21.8 152.29 1009.500
20060731162600 2006-Jul-31 16:26:00 24.6 21.7 18.7 70
83 0.0 45.0 NE 21.7 153.33 1009.400
20060731163100 2006-Jul-31 16:31:00 24.5 21.6 18.6 70
83 0.0 45.0 NE 21.6 153.85 1009.300
20060731163600 2006-Jul-31 16:36:00 24.5 21.4 18.4 70
83 0.0 22.5 NNE 21.4 153.85 1009.300
20060731164100 2006-Jul-31 16:41:00 24.5 21.3 18.5
70 84 0.0 315.0 NW 21.3 153.85 1009.200
20060731164600 2006-Jul-31 16:46:00 24.4 21.2
18.4 70 84 0.0 315.0 NW 21.2 153.85 1009.400
20060731165100 2006-Jul-31 16:51:00 24.4
21.2 18.4 70 84 0.0 315.0 NW 21.2 154.36 1009.600
20060731165600 2006-Jul-31 16:56:00
24.4 21.1 18.3 70 84 0.0 337.5 NNW 21.1 155.40 1009.700
20060731170100 2006-Jul-31
17:01:00 24.4 21.0 18.4 71 85 0.3 112.5 ESE 21.0 163.69 1009.600

The history extract shows a 07/31 date, but the software apparently does not figure out that a month transition has occurred and expects an 08/31 history file.

I’ve attached the historyextraction2310.txt file

historyextraction2310.txt (25.9 KB)

I have a similar problem. My WD program aborted just before midnight and when I restarted it today it didn’t do the month end processing. I am on v10.35n.

Any thoughts??? 8O 8O


file 82006lg.txt was not created.

yes it looks like when the date/time to get the data from is actualy last month, then that is not handled correctly
best thing at this stage is to make sure wd is running through month end until i can investigate this

I am not sure if this is related or not,but I also run the 2315,but unlike Sluce,mine was left on during the midnight reset and I ended up with the 30th and 31st missing for July,but the values are now on the 30th and 31st of August. If I look at the trends for the last 24-hours,the values are blank.



in my case, I got the actual month (aug) and July being the same for the first two days in August. Today, the August file is ok, but the July file now only contains July 31:st.

I don’t know if the application was off during transition. (running “n” version)

Are there any ways to recreate the July file manually (since July was a record month here in Sweden)?



I went through exactly the same process last year. In my case, I rebooted the computer just before midnight at the end of a month to run chkdsk. By the time WD restarted, it was several minutes into the new month, and the log files became hopelessly corrupted. The first thing to do is make backups of your existing log files. Do the graphs shown in WD look correct? If so, there is a command to convert the graphs into log files. I’ll be buggered if I can find where the command is, so hopefully someone else with a better memory will chime in.

I had to manually edit the generated log files. The WD routine to rebuild the files resulted in some corrupted entries. There were missing values that then propogated through the log file; i.e. after the problem point, all data values were offset by one location. Some hours of editing with Excel and notepad later, WD was up and running. The worst entires were the rainfall totals, where I needed to manually correct most of the values. It helped that I had nightly backups of the previous log files, so I could reconstruct what should have happened.

well, I know how to re-generate the graphs, but how can I tell WD to recreate the gif-image?

Under Action, convert log files to graphs. But that doesn’t make the gif??


which version of WD are you last 3 people using?
CPGP, i am not sure what you are requesting/wanting to do?
note that when convert log files to graphs, if you want last months data converted, you need to select that logfile, e.g 72006lg.txt

note that after the 1st day of the month has gone by a couple of start of month glitches with the data reports fix themselves up, so its not a problem anymore


I’m running 10.35n.

Since the graph-gif for July is messed up, I would like to recreate the gif. The conversion from log to graph file is already done (several times with same result).

In the august “month to date” graph, I see that it shows a day “0” at first. It also starts with a non-zero rain amount (not equal to july’s total). In the graph file, the month and year values are all zero (seems to be that way all the time?). The first entries in the graph file for august have all the same time 00:59, and then it continues with 01:00. This happens even if I reset the graphs from log (which has correct timestamps).


I am running 10.35L,when it did the reset at midnight of the 1st,August is now showing correcrly but July 31st is missing.Looking back at my last couple of months,I noticed that they are all missing the last day of the month,yet the logfiles for those days are still there.


I can confirm some of the above, only I was running 10.35n, I’m missing july 1st and 31st in July2006.htm, but the other months seems ok.