WD crashed on day rollover

Brian, just wondering if anyone else has reported this problem. I am using v9.83e and for the first time ever, when the new day roll over occured, WD crashed and shut down.

I forced an update by using the “update extreme averages on page now” and this caused the crash again! I have now gone back to what was a working version of v9.83d and this now not working either on the roll over.

Not really sure where to go from here!

try resetting your log file:
action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, but tick convert graph file to log file, then choose month72003.inf
then click on convert and wait for the success statement
let me know if that works (then do a action, update averages/extreme now)

I did carry out what you suggested, and it didn’t work. It is now 48 hours since I tried anything (as I had been away), so I have done it this yet again … and it looks like this time it is working!!! Not sure why, but will keep you posted.