WD basic ignoring downloaded data

I have a WMR200 and installed WD basic 10.37N build 16. When I start WD it downloads the data from my WMR200 (data can be seen in wmr200history.txt) but non of the graphs and data views show this downloaded data, the only data displayed is from the live data whilst connected to the wmr200. Even the ‘view / data log file’ only shows data for the times that the system is connected.

Any help is appreciated


Have you read http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/40238 ?

Thanks for the prompt reply,

Yes I had read that post, I updated to the latest version I could find for basic - version 10.37N Build 16, The date and time are the same give or take a few seconds, and I was monitoring the download all the way through ( it was only 1 day’s worth).

Is there a way for the system to not delete the data off the WMR200 on download whilst I sort this little problem out?

I will double check the above when I get home and try to download last nights and todays data

Any other suggestions?



IIRC the delete after download is a WMR200 hardware thing, not determined by the software :frowning:

Thanks again for your reply

I downloaded the latest data from my wmr200 but noticed a few anomalies:-
The wmr200 max wind gust is 26.4 mph which happened at 13:29 today
When I downloaded the data, the front screen of WD had the Max gust today: 22.3 mph @ 13:30
I then closed WD and unplugged wmr200. I then started WD (without connecting to wmr200) and noticed the max gust today on the front screen had 17.5 mph @ 13:30?
Also when viewing all time records