WD and La Crosse WS2350 not talking


I have recently purchased a La Crosse WS2350 weather station and also a registered copy of Weather Display.

I am running all this on a Vista x64 / Windows 7 beta x64 PC, same results in both operating systems.

Having read through the forum for a solution to my problem with interfacing the two items I am drawn to ask if there is a definative answer to the question, Do the WS2350 and

WD fully intergrate?

I have been trying all the “solutions” I have come across in the forums to get WD to download all the historical data from my WS but all I seem to get is the current data that

is on the WS and no overnight data saved on the WS whilst my PC is off over night. If I switch my PC off during the day for any period then when I switch on the PC and connect

WD and my WS I only get the previous data up to the switch off and the current data from the switch on.

I have avoided using Heavy Weather whilst testing out the WS / WD combination as I assume that this could download stored data on the WS that I require / want in WD.

I am getting so confused with what is going on that I am loosing any faith in ever getting the 2 to work correctly together.

I keep reading about the file out2300.txt, I have yet to see this file on my system, I have the out23002.txt file, 0 bytes and never getting any bigger, but never the out

2300.txt file. What produces the out2300.txt file, what should it contain? I even made an empty out2300.txt file but it is deleted somewhere along the line. Are there any

test files I could use?

I have also noticed that in the historyextraction2310.txt file the number of line of data read =1 and Raw data read = after histlog2300 has finished reading in missed data, it

says it has copied the out2300.txt → out23002.txt, I assume that this is where my made up file disappears.

What program could I run to manually import data from the WS2350?

Can I setup WD just to use the data downloaded from HW as with the way I have it setup if I upload / import data from HW it seems to interfere with the data being read in

realtime by WD

The following are some of the observations I have made / found whilst trying to sort out the problems, not all these observations were made on the same day…

Over the last few days I have also tried downloading the data from the WS using Heavy Weather and then loading it into WD but I seem to get funny sets of data with the time

jumping a few hours forward and then a bit later jumping backwards when looking in the logs.

I have noted that when importing data and WD is showing looking for data the date goes into the future, i.e. downloading the 18ths data WD shows that some data is from the


I imported some data from HW that was shown as being up till 19:56 but when looking at the WD graph time it shows it up to 04:53.

The WD log also shows data going from 23:59 to on the next line 20:06 on the same day.

The time on my WS is set to -1 offset, daylight saving so how should I set up WD or do I not have to do anything?

So my final question is as stated before will WD work correctly with the WS23500 or not, for the price I paid for WD it should do as otherwise its a rather expensive piece of

software for not doing a lot.

Regards … Colin