WD and Heavy Weather

I used before WD the program heavy weather. I have the LaCross ws 2310.
At night my computer is turned of. In the morning when I start up the pc the rainfall is not updated correct in WD. When I see the rainfall in Heavy weather it is not corresponding with WD.
The data logger is turned on. When I import the data from HW the rainfall is to much.
What can I do to get the good results?

Are you using metric or imperial measurements?
The reason I ask is that on the WS23** models WD adds 0.1mm for every 12 or 13 tips of the buckets, or something like that.
This is to counter the fact that the buckets actually measure 0.02 inches of rain, rather then 0.5mm.
0.02 inches is equal to 0.508mm so for every 13 tips of the bucket you would normally loose 0.1mm in the actual measurement of the rain amount on your WS2310, so WD adds that back on so that you record the correct amount.

I think these figures are correct any way, but I’m sure someone else will come in if I’m wrong. :wink:

is the other data imported OK?
note that WD stores its rain totals separate from the station
as long as the time/date of the daily reset is found in the data, then WD should reset the daily rain total at that time as the data is imported

I`m using metric measurement.

The other data looks ok

wd can import the data without heavy weather
via the histlog2300
(make sure the config2300.conf has the correct com port set)
turn the switch on in the data logger setup to use that

This weekend I wasnt at home and pc was turned off. I know it has rained this weekend. Today (16/3) I turned on WD and till now I see the same data in WD as my WS 2310. So that`s correct.
The rainfaal is the same as the friday when I left. So that is not possible because ther was rainfall.

The data logger is turned on.

Ican see message below:

Loaded all time records

loading the data file month32009.inf
running histlog2300
Retrieving data from: 22 minutes ago
reading in 2300 missed data now
connecting 2310 com port
Connecting com port
Com port connected OK
Doing checking of time zone calculation
Daylight saving not in use
restarting the 2310 wake up procedure
stage 1 2310 OK

What to do to get the correct data for rainfall?

Retrieving data from: 22 minutes ago

how long was WD not running for?

It didnt run for the whole weekend, more then 48 hours. The 22 minutes was the second time today that I started it. First time I saw that data (rainfall) was incorrect so I tried it to restart bit it didnt solve the problem. I simulated a rain, (0,3 mm) and after two hours the rainfall during Last hour (WD ) showed still 0,3 mm.
It does not change.
When I open logviewer, I see that all data, included rain is correct. WD doesnt change/import data after starting up. I think its only rainfall which doesn`t change.

What to do?