WD 10.37R286 - Wrong Solar% [RESOLVED]

Hi Brian,

I upgraded from r281 to r286 due to the Control Panel issue but my solar percent always shows 0%. This results in the sky conditions always showing overcast (see screenshots below). I went back to r281 and solar % again works.

WD 10.37r281 Solar Pct.png

WD 10.37r286 Solar Pct.png

edit the wdisplay.ini file
when WD is not running:
Solar sensor=

change that to 0 if it is not 0
then restart WD

(there are other threads about this solution)

OK…I will give it a try tomorrow because it’s currently set to 1. Does it matter that I have a Vantage Pro 2 station?

Solar sensor=1

set it to 0 (default) and you will be OK

I set Solar Sensor=0 and things are working again.

Thanks for the help!