WD 10.37k as windows service

Hi all,
I have WD 10.37k on a Windows 2003 server machine and I would like to start it as a service. I managed to do it using the Windows Resources Toolkit (instsrv.exe and srvany.exe). The executable (WeatherD.exe) starts fine. I don’t know why, when it’s launched as service it successfully creates some files in “webfiles” folder, but not clientraw.txt. Whereas if I start it via the Windows menu, the clientraw.txt is created.
In any case, when started as service, the ftp client (clientrawrealtimeftp.exe) is not launched, so my site (powered by WDLive) is not updated…
I tried to load clientrawrealtimeftp.exe as service too, and it loads but no data is sent.
I searched the forum before posting, I’ve read many solutions about using a firedaemon software, but it’s not free.
If anyone could help, thanks in advance.

I resolved with the 30 day trial of Firedaemon… I have to purchase it :frowning:
thanks anyway.

Could someone please advise how to use Firedaemon to get weatherd.exe working as a service under Windows Home Server. - I have successfully got weather analyzer running as a service (by using anyserviceinstaller) and setup up a web page on the server so anyone on my network can view it (at the moment - I have to log in to WHS for it to update)