Watch DOG problem


i active the watchdog option on setup menu for my WD.
O.S. WMillennium - P mmx 225 Mhz - 156 MBRam

After some hours the icon near time disappear and in the task manager running two process weatherd.exe and watchdog is off.

The program don’t crash but to run again watch dog i must close all weatherd.exe process from the task and restart the program.

Can you patch ?

Cheers Mario

Have you read this my post ??

yes i have read the post
very ill here with the flu at the moment

Good rest then

try this new version (unzip to where you have wd running)

should be better

Ok i try

Hmmmm, Brian i try the new watchdog for WD

Atfer same minutes the watch dog icons dissappear and into task manager appear two weaterD.exe, the program continue to work normally but now i don’t know if watchdog is active or not because into taskmanager appear two weaterd.exe…


The watch dog must to reboot pc if WD crashed or ftp connection is in crash.This utility is much profit if i have a pc with WD in remote location.

Brian the problem occoured in the 984c too

After same minutes or same hours , the watchdog icon disappear from task bar and into taskmanager appear two process weatherd.exe.
The WD dosn’t restart.
I dont’t know the reason for which that ahappens !!!

Can you added a log file to monitor the operations of watchdog?

i will do some experiment/running here myself.
we will get there…

Ok i wait




I suggest to you, to create a watch dog to monitoring ftp connection and ftp program, because many times, are the connection that chrashing



there is an option you can tick in the connections setup to reboot the pc is the failed number of ftp attempts is reached

Ok but with tick active the pc will restart with window of ftp program open but blocked too?

Hi Brian

when i close WD program the watch dog do not close automatically.
Can you resolve in a next version this little bug?



HI ???

you had resolved ?

so, if you want to stop wd, and dont want the watch dog program to start it again…then maybe just exit the watchdog program at that point as well? (right mouse click on the icon (its a hour glass) and choose exit)