I think I might have muffed something good. I tried to create the WAP directory for the first time (now that I think of it, wasn’t necessary) and WD won’t drop the phone line now.

When the WAP file tries to go up I get the error “This Property Can Only Be Sent Before Establishing A Connection” which is a bit of a contradiction in itself. The FTP then won’t hang up at all. I de-selected uploading the WAP and get the same error and no hang up.

Anyone else worked their way out of this mess?

it seems that it thinks you have a permanent connection?
anything changed there (under connectison settings)?

I’ll check. Never saw that error before now but I wish I had a permanent connection. Any way I just upgraded to 88d and the first upload closed OK, first time in 24 hrs so maybe that did it.

BTW, the metar cloud condition sneaking in on the summary image DOES happen when it rains, locally not at metar site. Use metar sky condition is not checked and never has been.