Wallpaper file

I am re-setting everything up after catastrophic computer failures, lightning strikes, and more, but I cannot get the new setup to recognize the wallpaper file. It’s correct, I check the webpage, but it still showing a color instead of the cloud.jpg. Its there another setting somewhere that I am missing.

Since installing 9.87 ONLY at S/W
I too have “lost” my wallpaper file & despite adding my wallpaper file back to datahtm0 it has been removed again. :o
I also activated 5day forecast at same time & it seems to be “doubled”

Have fixed wallpaper issue by re-installing file name on webfiles page.
:smiley: :smiley:

whats your web page url jim

I Email you Brian, but then figured out what you’re looking for:


It’s there,

jim, your web souce shows the header info is repeated many times
delete the datahtm0.txt file, then try again in the web files setup