w2dmysql does not catch up after shutdown/restart et c


I got the 12.1 version of wdmysql.exe since solar setting checkbox did not stick after change and WD shutdown. I used that with S128, but whe S130 came I upgraded, and it still uses 12.1. So, I do not know if it was wdmysql.exe 12.1 or S130 that changed the behaviour in wdmysql not going back and fetching data and send them to the db. I do not recall changing any other setting. And I can see that the data is there in the wd’s files. Since wd data is there I think it could be fixed later on - have done similar things with vws earlier on. But right now I want to minimize any missing values because I am otherwise ready to go live!

Is there somthing still missing in WDMYSQL.EXE or is it a setting I have missed?



Equipment: W7U, Mariadb (for now) and it workre with wdmysql earlier june-august(?), MeteoTemplate (under test).

its a bit hard to follow your post
vers 12.1 is included in the latest WD update

re the missed data
is there a file called
in the datafiles folder?

Hi WD,

Just a quick answer…

Yes the wdmysql is from b130, and is binary the same as the one I got from you a few week earlier on.

And no, there is no ‘misseddata.txt’, but three others in datafiles: misseddataaprs.txt, misseddatabase.txt and misseddatawu2.txt.