VWS conversion

it would be nice to be able to convert the data files from VWS into files that could be used with WD.

Back last spring, when I fell out of the pear tree on the head and thought that I should be using VWS for some odd reason… I had several months of data in that format. Actually, the VP folks decided that revision B was necessary for who knows what reason and WD didn’t work with it , so after a vacation period and Brian kept on working at it , I eventually returned to the fold.

However I have a lapse ind data and data files from about June 1, 2002 to November 1, 2002 that is in VWS files. A lot of good data.

Now I don’t want Tim or Ed, or Natalie to get bent out of shape here. I am not slamming their software. It is a great program, and I still have it on the computer, it just doesn’t have some of my needs at the moment.

SO< is there a way to convert their data files into WD data files so I can have last years data to compare?