VP2 wireless reception suddenly decreased

I had my VP2 set up for a month or so now and everything was fine. Reception has been great and when I checked the diagnostics scrren I was getting around 98-99% of packets received without errors and signal strength was up around 60-70… Now, all of a sudden today without anything being moved the console keeps loosing reception. Sugnal strength is down to around 18 (if any at all) and the number of packets recieved without errors is down to about 40%…

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong??


Is the ISS battery OK?

Hmmm… The station is only a month old and there has been a fair bit of sun here today, but I guess that could be the problem… Is it likely?? How long should the batteries last?


I think the manual said something about 12 months, but perhaps the battery is faulty? You probably need to get the ISS down and have a look in it to check for loose cables and I think there’s a LED in it that flashes (or can be made to flash) to confirm that it’s definitely transmitting.

OK… Thanks, I’ll get the ladder out tomorrow and take a look.


Any rain lately? Maybe check the antenna and connections inside for problems with water/condensation/corrosion…

I’ll take a look later today and report back here. However, from around midnight last night things seemed to sort themselves out. The signal strength is still a lot lower than it used to be 30 rather than 60, but at least the number of packets received without errors has been good (100%) so far today.

It is about time I checke on the ISS though so I shall take a look at it anyway, and I shall keep an eye on the reception over the next few days.


I’ve got the same kind of troubles 2 weeks after buying a brand new VP2 wireless. I had not longer transmission between te ISS and the console. In fact, the ISS was down and Davis sent me back another brand nw ISS and everthing went well again.Ths Davis assistance team is really great and I got full satisfaction when I asked them help.

Mine seems to have sorted itself out. Signal strength is still only around 30, but packets received without errors has been 100% over the last 36 hours.

Guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn;t happen again… Strange that it did happen though and I have no idea what could have casued it.