VP2 strange beeps

Hi all,

I have a VP2+ wireless and have it installed with the console in my living room and the logger is connected via serial cable to my PC in a bedroom, my home is a bungalow so everything is on the same level.

My question is does anyone know if the VP does anything unusual at sunrise because I have a burglar alarm system with an external extension speaker located on the other side of the wall to that which the VP console is mounted, approximately 3 feet away.

Are they real audio beeps that you can hear or maybe radio interference that the alarm system is picking up somewhere in the cabling?

They are audible beeps being reproduced by the speaker but I am assuming that they are RF interference being picked up by the alarms cabling as you said.

The beep isn’t a big problem, I can install a choke to supress them, I was just interested to know what is causing them and the prime suspect is the VP console because they only started after I installed it, I am just curious as to what it does different at this time because I have never heard it at any other time.

Do you have any of the alarms set on the VP?

Yes but the noise is not emanating from the console and it isn’t one of the alarms.

I can’t think of anything that doesn’t happen 24 x 7 except the alarms :frowning:

maybe an email to a davis techy on this one?

Just to rule out one thing: The console doesn’t talk to the ISS at all AFAIK - it’s one-way traffic. The ISS broadcasts its packets at 2.5sec intervals and anything within range that can pick them up and make sense of them will do so. But the ISS is only a Tx not an Rx. So the console can’t be asking anything of the ISS. You don’t have an auto-download set around this time? Or anything else in the house that might coincide with sunrise: central heating tripping in? Outside lights on a twilight sensor?

The console can rebroadcast stuff though… I got one of those echo plus units and it gets its info via wireless from the console.

Could be the self destruct mech is stuck and not actually completing its intended procedure.


Thanks all, points taken, as far as I know, there is nothing else that has changed significantly enough to affect this.

I have sent this query to Davis tech support so I will wait and see what happens, I will also be fitting a choke to the speaker cable sometime this week.