VP2 sensor failure?

I have a Davis VP2 (cabled). The outdoor temp, humidity and wind chill are showing dashed lines (started this afternoon). I suspect the outdoor sensor may have failed :(, any suggestions on checking / testing the sensor?

If not already fixed I suppose a check of the connections inside the ISS may be an idea plus a new battery.


If it’s wired then I don’t think there is an ISS battery, it’s powered from the console. Hope it’s a bad connection.

did you get this sorted pmeehan ?

I can confirm no battery in the ISS.

No, not sorted yet and I have checked all connections. I have been in touch with the people I purchased from (WEATHERBUFFS.COM) and a replacement temp/humidity board has been couriered to me under warranty - just waiting delivery. Very good service from weatherbuffs.com, unit was dispatched within a couple of hours of contacting them. I just now hope that is the problem.

Courier turned up with replacement Thermo/Hygro board just after last post. Board fitted and unit now back in full operation. :smiley:

Great service from WeatherBuffs.com. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending them.

My station has been running for the last six weeks no problem. Today my outside temp reading suddenly went to -67.8 deg C, it’s actually about 19 deg.

Has my replacement sensor failed or could there be some other explanation? :frowning:

A bit coincidental. 19oC is approx 67oF

just reread your post. Was that -67.8 oC ?



same problem
now i’ve a new sensor and all is ok


Yes, console is reading -67.8 oC

Worth checking the thermometer probe connection in the ISS circuit board otherwise you need another chat with weatherbuffs