VP2 Plus, API V2 , Solar & UV not available

Hi everyone,
I use Weateherlink Live with Davis VP2 Plus and API V2, but both Solar and UV sensors are available only from the Davis Weatherlink cloud and are not seen by PWS Dashboard, does anyone know why?


Thank you

Those values are checked and processed by the scripts.

 # UV
	if (!isset ($values['uv_index']) || $values['uv_index'] == NULL)
	     {  $weather["uv"]          = 'n/a';}
	else {  $weather["uv"]          = (float) $values['uv'];}
# solar
	if (!isset ($values['solar_rad'])|| $values['solar_rad'] == NULL)
	     {  $weather["solar"]       = 'n/a';}
	else {  $weather["solar"]       = (float) $values['solarradiation'];}

The values are 0 at the moment 20:00 UCT check the latest download:

                                    [uv_index] => 0
                                    [solar_rad] => 0
                                    [rainfall_monthly_mm] => 4.6

I will check tomorrow daytime if there are measurements from your station in the wlcomv2API.json
what the dashboard shows in the weather-array.


Thank you Wim for your assistance
you can check the realtime data here:


Regards, Alberto

Thank you for reporting this problem.
:oops: My error, the field names for UV and solar were incorrect copied form the previous DWL version.
Attached a updated version of the livedata script.


PWS_livedata.php.zip (13.5 KB)

Thank you for your quick support !

With this update it now works fine .

Thank you again

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