VP2 Firmware update using WeatherLink Serial cable and USB serial-port driver

I would like to update the firmware on my Davis VP2. The previous firmware is OK for updating via “Direct from PC” so it’s newer than the Dec 05 or whatever the date was that precluded it from being directly updated via the PC. The question is this: I am using a WeatherLink serial cable that is connected to a USB-serial port adapter cable and 3rd party driver on the computer. So selected due to the concerns with the WeatherLink USB driver issues (of which I have had none - I am using the serial cable) and the fact that the computer does not have a serial port. The virtual serial port established by the USB-serial driver shows up as COM5 (logical port - not physical). Computer is running 32 bit XP. Communicating with the VP2 through hyper-terminal on COM5 and the correct baud settings works fine. Should I have any concerns? :roll:

Many thanks Ann

In general, this sort of configuration is fine for updating the firmware. The only slight caveat is that there are obviously a variety of different serial-to-USB adapters from different manufacturers and often each with their own drivers. So it’s impossible to rule out absolutely that there might not be quirks with a particular model of adapter. But I really don’t think that this is very likely and in general you should expect to see no problems.

I am pleased to report that it worked just fine. Set VP2 station in “setup mode” and ran the updater software provided by Davis. All went just dandy. Davis software was not materially aware that it was actually communicating through a USB-serial adapter.