VP solar sensor config


when I lose reception of the solar sensor, which sometimes happens, WD reads that as 100% solar.

THerefore it adds the time of no reception as full sunshine-hours.

Could that be changed to 0% solar?


do you mean the solar sensor reading, wm2 …
when the recpetion is lost, what is the actual reading that wd gets?


in the left window it say for solar reading “0” , but in the right window on the main screen it say “100%”.


hum, ok, so the actual solar radiation is being reported as 0 wm/2 …


I have to correct myself It doesn

i have set a upper limit of 1500 for the solar radiation
above that and its out of range (i.e when the signal is lost?)
and so it reports ----
is that not a good idea?

is the uv/solar grpahing working from the data download?