VP ISS battery status

Having taken a look at VPLive the other day I notice that it has a flag for the ISS battery status, assuming this works on both VP1 & VP2 could we have the data added as a custom tag to WD please. I know we have console battery voltage but Weatherlink has always provided a status indicator for the ISS battery. Would be good to have it in WD as well please Brian.


ok, i see its the number just before the console battery level
i will add a custom tag for what that number is (status number)
and add that raw value to the vp extra screen under view too
next update of wd
(%vpissstatus%…ISS battery status flag)

Thanks Brian…Stuart

A rather unfortunately named tag #-o Perhaps %vpbattstatus% might have been better?

Always observing and thinking…

Probably cause a memory leak :lol:

I totally ignored the tag name #-o I actually rather like it :wink:


I second all this. Also is there a possibiltiy for other transmitters, such as from my anemometer transmitter. I have them separated from the ISS.

Thanks Brian.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

at least it wasnt %yourpisssatus% LOL!

there is only the ISS battery status flag…thats all there is in the LOOP data Syamato

just working on the VP cwop altimeter routine then will get a new version out

the custom tag has been added to version 10.31m :wink:

I noticed it gives me a value of “0” when I use that tag.

i am guessing its a status flag
i am not sure what numbers will show…
maybe someone does…

I remember when I ran Weatherlink the ISS battery status was reported on screen as ‘OK’ so I am assuming that this value is a switch of some kind. Does tinplate know as it is shown in VPLive as well. (I dont run VPLive I’ve just seen the screen). If that is the case I would have expected 0 to be ‘Not OK’ and 1 as ‘OK’. I’ll install 10.31m and see what I get.


Having installed 10.31m I also get a ‘0’ for this tag. I guess the next thing we need is an explanation of how it works?



I am getting the same thing. I wish I new how to get the reading for that on my VP2 console.


It’s only an alarm, it’s not a battery voltage value. On the console you will see a message along the bottom of the screen telling you the ISS battery is close to the end (I don’t recall the exact wording).

Installed 10.31m last night and it seems to be stable. Where is the tag for the ISS battery status located? I was in View and just saw WMR918/68 battery status. Is this the one? It just shows 0% on all bars.

Thanks Brian for the addition. Hope it will work out.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

%vpissstatus% but I think Brian needs to change it to return a message not 0/1

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i wonder what davis must be thinking with all those people who emailed them about the 1 minute barometer update
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