VP extra sensor data


maybe I can get your wish-list a little bit longer

The extra sensor data of my VP, its temp/hum and solar data, seems not to be logged by WD.

Only when I have my PC on 24 hours a day, there is the data.

For the period the PC was off, they seem not to be downloaded or saved from the data logger.

And, when I use the graph history and there the extra sensor page, there is no data for every time for these extra sensors.


is 9.91e any better?


I think no…, for me nothing has changed…

On the graph history extra sensor graph flatlines

On the VP extra temp/hum sensors pge no

On the auto scale page there is a gap in the data

On the solar graph gap in the data


try this test version:


tested it, restartet WD for three times to see what happens - and unfortunatly it didn`t change!