VP console with real time update

Took Lars & Bertil’s script and moddificated it a little bit :lol:

Result as attached image,

  • digital numbers/text
  • moving wind direction & barotrend needle
  • changing icon from 10 avaliable
  • 24h graphs, changeble from the black buttons
  • Monthly and yearly rain and rainrate changeble from RAINyr-button
  • W3-validate, also marquee even if itself don’t validate

Note, it use same limits for barotrend-needle what Davis use (Daivis use 3hr but i converted it to 1 hr) and it different from what Ken’s template ue.

Its heavily use jQuery as base, the graph is Flot, needle is pure javascript and AJAX is jQuery-version of it, because i like jQuery’s AJAX-system, its clear and easy to manage.

I have NOT tested it on the template so i should need someone to test it for possible (surely) issues. :wink:

Demo: Weatherstation Salo, Pertteli

Download: http://www.nordicweather.net/downloads/?6

2 paths in vp_console2.php
2 paths in jquery/jquery.console.js

Enjoy! :smiley:


Looks very nice, Seems that I can throw my script in the trash. :frowning:

Well…I just can’t keep up is the truth…very many many thanks to ALL working on this…Lars, Bertil and now it would seem Henkka and maybe more to come… :oops:

Anyway, my puny efforts of moving co-ords here and there have all been overtaken by the speedier efforts of others (and most likely, very much younger and definitely more knowledgeable, fellow forum members)…but I am learning in the process… :wink:

Looks very nice, Seems that I can throw my script in the trash

Noo, the idea was yours so all credits goes to you! :smiley:


Forgot one file from the zip (ie7.css), what include a IE-fix, zip updated.

Hi Henkka

Got it almost working:


I think my trend and wind arrows are missing and the scrolling text. Where do I find them?

Best regards,


Edit: And the graphs are missing too :smiley:

Hi Henrik,

Works fine from here


IF you need to adjust the positions for the numbers when you install it on your site, i needed, just look for the “top: xxxpx” in the style=“”-settings in the html-code and finetune from there. seems they can slightly move depend on the page’s other code.

I’m struggling …obviously something to do with the image location…I already had a folder called img and transferred the contents of the downloaded image folder to that…My img folder is at the first level in the website directory…

ideas? help required.

This is the result so far for the Henkka version… here

The previous Bertil Version still works OK here

Hi Henkka
And here I have my
Edit: with a new background image

vp_console.jpg.zip (79.2 KB)

Hi Henkka

You are right - it works fine in Firefox - but not in IE8 :? :?

Best regards,


You are right - it works fine in Firefox - but not in IE8

aah, that damn excanvas.pack.js-file #-o
Just copy it from 3in1 to correct folder :wink:


Excanvas.pack.js included in zip now.

Bertil, looking great! Just little finetuning of wind-speed and viol

Hi Henkka

That did the trick!! Now its working :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks to all who have been involved in this great script.

Best regards,


Help please.

I am getting there…but v slowly…I am not getting the data through at all (first it was the image now it is the data agghhhh)

I have both testags and clientraw going to the root directory at my website…what do I need to put in the relevant “settings” to point to these files…I have never understood this :oops: :oops:

so far the I have progressed to this

Make sure you edit both files…

Install: 2 paths in vp_console2.php [b]2 paths in jquery/jquery.console.js[/b]

Very nice. Where would I need to make changes to get the wind in mph, baro in mg, rain in inches, etc.?

Also need to move the scrolling vp forecast…see it in action: http://travelingrvwx.com/vp_console2.php


To convrt to F, in etc. you need to tweak in two places:
jquery.console.js - add needed conversations, for windspeed there are allready one in place for m/s, just change it
vp_console2.php - change the units in the html-code

scroller…ahaa… in the css-part, change #ajaxforecast { top: 279px; } to #cajaxforecast { top: 279px; }. Forgot to change that when renamed the id’s so they not are same as ajaxWDwd.js id’s.


Thank you all for this impressing script!
Got it up and running at http://www.servicesenteret.as/weather/vpconsole.php and it’s just fantastic :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Aalesund - Norway

I don’t think I should have all the credits for this.

I did find the idea for this script here http://www.wilcowx.com/consoleindex.php (thanks Gary) from there, I have modified the script to the version that I use today on my page.

After that so have NBH @ [url=http://www.stenestads-vader.com]Stenestads V