VP Battery level

on the view vp sensors… there is the VP Battery Level. mine shows 180.
what is the 180 and what sensor or is it the console or the ISS? :roll:

good Q
i dont know
i just know it was in the serial data, and I tought i would display it to see how it behaved
it will be the ISS i would presume
does it change much?
(I.e do i have the correct value, LOL)

this morning it was 183 and sunny, now it is overcast and 172. I’ll see what happens at night.

The console is 3 * 1.5 volts (mine shows 3.75 currently) and the ISS is a 3 volt lithium which normally has a flat voltage characteristic, so I don’t think a number around 180 makes much sense.

i just know it was in the serial data, and I tought i would display it to see how it behaved

On a related topic. ISTR that the WMR968/928 includes battery status info in half of a byte (word?) with the other half byte/word allegedly undefined. It crossed my mind that the undefined half might contain the charge current for the solar charger. Do you know if the undefined half contains any sensible data?

Have I asked this before?

to think that now the value is 168, my console is 4.08 right now and the ISS is fine. Either this value as I see it declining must be related to the amount of current that the solar sensor is pushing. The current solar is 25 w/m2. so perhaps this is some thing related to that.

It is overcast and raining, with interesting weathr brewing.

It might also have something to do with either the console diagnostics or the routine the current weatherlink does with strength of the batteries in the various transmitters or iss out there.

Sounds like something that needs to be solved, but by who?

it most likely needs to be divided by 10
so maybe then it works nickoshepeard?

the value is now 171, so much for the solar feature theory on my part.

8O beats me :roll:

it most likely needs to be divided by 10 so maybe then it works nickoshepeard?

You mean /100 = 1.7? I don’t think his ISS would be working if the batt was that low. The way I understand lithium batts is the the voltage stays very stable for a long time and then drops off a cliff. Aardvark does have a number of extra sensors, maybe it’s a value from one of those.

Are you using the DLL? I looked in the serial doc and didn’t see a voltage, I did see some codes corresponding to voltage ranges, but I’m not sure that was for VP.


it must be some sensor voltage, pick one.

Davis says that value has no significance.

really, in the loop command data?

i would also like to know how they get the reception data to the console too…

that Davis doesn’t want anyone else to know how it functions. Considering how light their software is and to use anyone elses software, they have to buy the weatherlink package for the data logger, I can’t believe that they would object, but they do.

I would guess that if someone out there has access to their patent with the us patent office, all this information, must be on file somewhere.

Look how much problem it was to find out about the THSW.

Brian Carpenter
Technical Support Representative
Davis Instruments
(510) 732-7814
[email protected]

could answer the question directly. Gee one Brian to another Brian. So perhaps if you emailed him the questions and information you need, Brian #1 Brian# 2 could answer them directly.

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