Virus problem

Good evening

I had a bit of a meltdown on my computer that runs WD 10.37N

Anyway I have a virus (Trojan downloader) that runs when NOAA style reports is executed
my virus scanner blocks it (it seems to go to a teen porn site and I assume that
it is not your doing) but the scanner can not fix it.

So my question is what is executing the NOAA portion ie any dll’s or dependencies.

If I know where it is I can fix it. Just upgrading did not fix it.
So any help would be appreciated.

PS. NEVER use IE as your browser. The one time in a year that I had to use it and there you have it.


Greg Elmer

not sure exactly what you are meaning by executing the noaa style report
can you give more exact info on that?

If I go to the Menu
then select View
then select under the heading
Averages/Extremes/Noaa Style reports

at some time between the execution of that request and the
display of the report I get the virus alert.



there is no dll or external program used to display or create that info
first time I have seen a report of this particular problem

Yes, what AV, and what exactly is the message?

If your own virus scanner can’t sort it then try downloading Malwarebytes and run a full scan with that. I’ve had good results with it and it has good reviews as well. :wink: