Violent Storm expected for Northwest Scotland

This afternoon and into tonight we’re expecting winds of 50 & 80mph here in NW Scotland.
An intense Low near the Faeroe Islands is due to bring violent storm force winds, heavy rain, thunder and possibly snow to NW Scotland between 15:00 GMT Thursday & 04:00 GMT Friday.

This will be nothing like the experience Queensland has just gone through but for us up here it’s a potentially serious event.

Keep you posted. :wink:


A while ago elsewhere I saw this posted which I felt might be a tad scaremongering and decided not to cross post about it here. However in light of this it seems like at least some of his predictions are coming true. I still think it is taking things further than they are likely to happen but still makes interesting reading.


came straight from the live page to Budgie. 124km/h gust 8O wow!

Yep, 77mph was the highest gust today and things are easing down now.
One little problem - it’s lucky I have a generator!! Mains power went out at about 21:00 GMT and they’re not going to start work on fixing the problem until daylight. So my live data will be off overnight, I guess the datalogger will get some use tonight. :wink:

I checked your site and figured you wouldn’t be sleeping, not with winds gusting near 50 mph. Stay safe, and let the datalogger do it’s thing…you can grab the data tomorrow…

I would love to do an allnighter Dan, unfortunately I’ve got a 12 hour shift to look forward too in the morning. :roll:

Wind’s down to 20, gusting 30 knots now and the pressure is rising so it they would get the power back on we’d be back to normal again. :lol:

do you have any graphs on your web site showing the windspeed Budgie?
(I could not find any (apart from the WDL ones)

edit, found them…did not realise they would be under Almanac

nice drop of the barometer!

Heck! 975hPa was a very deep depression… stay safe!! Strong winds either side of it. Quite a bit of rain if that was in inches!! Oh I think your rain is in mm. 12mm = 1/2" is ok then…


12mm is only what the bucket was able to catch. I think most of it just blew past, around & over the bucket as the rain was more horizontal than vertical yesterday!! :smiley:

Still no power at home, engineers hope to have power restored sometime today, but no idea when. Apparently they are drafting in extra engineer from the mainland as there are failures cross the island at the moment.

Apart from a couple of trees down, there’s been no reports of damage or injury.
We do have hairy wire fences now, where the grass has been blown across the moor! :lol:

Highest recorded gust here only 66mph…
…but in the light of the next day I now know that at some point (evidence suggests at around the point of the 66mph gust) I lost a cup on the VP2. Maybe some debris caught it, but if so it must have been flying high as the VP2 is on top of a 12m mast!

Judging from the other equipment I think we ought to have “topped out” at at least 70mph, and possibly a little higher. My old WMR928 lives on top of a fence post now at just over 2m and that recorded a max of 58mph.

At least we kept our power and the house and garden are free of other damage so far as I can tell. I’m particularly relieved that our roof mounted PV array is still where it’s supposed to be.

Looking out of the window, it’s just started to snow…

Dang on loosing a cup like that!

I had an email from someone a few miles up the road who’d lost 2 cups at just about the same time! Both his and mine were VP2 anemometers with the cup design where the arms fit in slots on the hub.
My replacement arrived today (excellent service from John at ProData :smiley: ) and I notice that they are of a different design; the hub and arms are a one piece molding.

If the weather is okay tomorrow I may be able to get the replacements fitted and the mast back up (it’s already down and ready for the change but our post doesn’t arrive till late afternoon so it would have been too much of a rush to try to complete the job today).

With the mast down I can see a small crack in the back of the “slot” that used to house the arm of the missing cup.

I did not know they had slot designs now…
mine is a one piece molding (original VP1)

I think my VP2 has a one-piece moulding as well.

My only lasting problem from the storm is a lack of Broadband speed.
I tried downloading a file today and it was coming down the line at just 6.8kb/sec, normally I get 250-300kb/sec.
I was chatting to a BT engineer at work today and he said they have lots of broadband problems on the island at the moment. At least I still have a connection but it’s so slow that WXSimate locks up when downloading the GFS files. #-o

Maybe it’s “pot luck” which you get? I got my VP2 after you got yours, but the guy who lost 2 cups got his in 2008.

Looking at your windspeed and pressure graphs, it might not have been as bad as going though the eye of the cyclone, but it appears to be pretty similar to what we had this time just on the outside. Life without power after a day or two is not fun.

Also very impressed with the 60 hPa increase in pressure during January! My ears pop just thinking about that.