Viewing raw data over time

We use a Vantage Pro Plus station here at our high school where we share our data with the community and school. We would like to be able to post our raw data over time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) so that teachers could then have students analyze and produce graphs on their own rather than have the computer produce them.

Any thought on how to do this easily? The csv files show information every single minute and that is way too much data to be printing off and giving to 100’s of students. We need something more in the time frame of maybe every hour or once a day for the frequency.


i have had this sort of request before
so I will make it that you have the csv log file creation set, then a every 10, every 60 and every 120 minute logged csv file is also produced…that will be OK?

So what would be the procedure for setting the interval?

download a new 10.20b zip in about 1 hour from now

then you can set a 10, 30 or 60 minute updated csv file (under setup, logfile, csv file…)
do you want a 120 one?