View Webcam - Causing XP program error

Version 9.78d

When I go to view webcam it comes up fine, however, when I click on the OK after viewing, XP immediately comes up with an error message stating that it is closing down WD, and it does. I not sure even what the problem is as it doesn’t give me a reason like ‘details’. I just get the message that Weather Display has had a problem and XP is closing it down. I’m sorry I can’t give you any more info as to the problem XP is having with it. I haven’t change anything since I originally set it up several versions ago.

Any clues? It hasn’t affected the running of WD after I bring it back up unless I go back into View Web Cam and exit from that menu.

is there anything else you click on before clicking on OK
its working OK here
export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry

Have sent the registry entry. When I go to view the only additional item I clicked was to go into the setup from the web cam screen, then I would OK from there which returned me back to the web cam screen, then I’d click OK on that one and when that closed, that is when I get the XP error.

I bet this happened all of a sudden,worked before?

Brian had me clean out all of the old pictures from the ccam file as well as on the webfiles. give that a try.

The directory containing the camera images are all current and no excess baggage hanging around.
This had happened several versions ago and after I got the camera all set up I just never went back into the camera setup area again.

It seems to happen when you click on OK versus ‘cancel’ out of the camera setup area. Then if you click OK on the main camera screen I can exit fine.

I just turned it off. Do you have enough capacity for a different web cam program? I wonder if that runs and WD web cam is off, would it produce the same error.

I discontinued my web cam for two reasons, one the quality of the picture was terrible. I had been trying the logitech 4000 as a cam for shots out the window and they were not good at best, hard to focus to great distances and short distances looked bad, and the other was the xp problems.

I’ve been considering it as I do have 2 Axis network cams (2100 & 2130 PTZ) that produce snaps and ftp into my website-primarily for security. (front of home area) (backyard)

The logietech cam I am using with WD isn’t all that bad really. I just know never to go back into the setup area which I just happened to do as I did move my cam to another window for a NE view versus a west view and wanted to see a live shot.

After XP errored I brought up Logitech’s camera viewer program and it ran fine and exited ok, so I’m leaning away from a driver problem. I was running prior to using WD’s web cam program a 3rd party but it was a drain on the portable.

I have a cable network and an extra, ok 2 extra , ok 3 extra computers ( tower and 2 lap) I should be brave enough or bored enough to network two computers and run the camera off of one and have that network to the web site, but of course not knowing what I am doing has a big part of this.

The tower could do everything, but I have to explain to the wife why I need the tower upstairs, the network and possibly something to tie in the keyboard, monitor and mouse to both ( the name has slipped me completely. ) or just be happy as I am.

Reminds me of a cartoon, dog sitting between tree and hydrant…decisions, decisions. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean a KVM switch? Why don’t you go wireless with a cable/dsl router and wireless PCI cards. I have both of the Axis cameras on a wireless set up to a wireless router connected to my hardwired LAN. Can’t even tell they are on there with both running (displaying realtime) while doing other tasks. Checking into the upcoming 1 Gigabyte networks on the horizon. Too bad they when they made the 10/100 goodies they didn’t plan ahead so users can do a bios update to the 1-Gig speeds.

You didn’t mean a tower in the bedroom- did you??? :wink: Any good lawyers around?

ha, ha. I know a few lawyers, but enough on that .

KVM that is what I couldn’t think of. I have to be careful with wireless, this Davis VP runs between 8-900 mhz. I had to get a 2.4 g cordless as the 900 bothered it, but perhaps I can hoof it over to compusa and go that route.

One tower in the backyard is enough, for now (notice how I worked that in). Wife has this puppy and is having part of the back yard fenced, I had to move my leaf wet sensor so the work-release-boys wouldn;t bother it when the put the partial fence in. They are not really prisoners, but that is my term. The fence of course doesn’t help me at all. The garden is not included.

Back to you issue, I remember having the same issue with the web cam, a lot of crashes and freezing of the program, when I removed the web cam things were fine. All I did was clean out the files, shut the whole thing down and I am fine.

Tower in the backyard??? Guard tower or what? What are you doing there making prison for those helpless dogs… Next she’ll put a shock collar on them??? :slight_smile: or you… Bet you got some strange moisture readings at different times, eh?

Well I heard from Brian via e-mail and reg entries are ok, and I tried turning off the camera as per his request and was able to go into the area and back out without any errors. I also turned it all back on again and still no problem. Bottom line: I think I was exiting before when WD was doing its capture and maybe causing a file conflict…

I set the camera back up and will give it a try.
Tower, nope weather tower. I think rather than a sky cam it should be rabbit cam. I have rabbits up the wazoo and it hurts. Of course the trap is in the backyard. I just might get the neighbors dog, or the neighbor.

I had to really bury the soil temperature cable, the rabbits started to chew on that.

Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him???

:stuck_out_tongue: :lol: