View Rain Chart

I do not understand this chart. My data started just a few weeks ago which may be the cause of the problem. I did import data from other software for October and November. Anyhow my questions: Chart headed Rain for each month of the year shows bars going to the top of the chart for Oct-Nov-Dec. There is data written at the top of each column but can not be read. The graph at the bottom of the page shows Oct as the bottom of a V, November the top of the V and December the bottom of the V. What do the numbers on the right of the chart mean–0, 5000, 10,000 and 15,000?


WD must be picking up some erroneous data from what you have imported - the value on the right is the number of inches of rain!!!
It seems October total is 13,862 inches so the graph is autoscaling to account for that value hence 5000,10000,15000!!

Two miles of rain! Wow!!. I suspect if I just go forward the charts will be OK in the future. Anyhow we have had about 1 inch of rain today. :slight_smile:

Or 1,155 feet. This would make Noahs flood seem like a heavy fog. :slight_smile:

the chart should reset on Jan 1st - unless you set WD to reset the yearly rain in a different month?

try view panel under view menu and click on rain chart you should be able to correct your month totals there