Video Last Hour and All Day from time stamped JPGs

WD is set up to produce time stamped JPGs from a JPG placed by VideoGS, and to produce MPGs from these, and to produce WMVs from the MPGs, and to upload them to my website.

Most of this works but not all of it. Here’s what does NOT work…

  • The MPG and WMV files are produced but the movie is zero length - Media Player and Windows Explorer shows the duration as 00:00:00. The file sizes are 64Kb.
  • Logically, if I have understood the process, then the WMV files should come after the MPG files but Windows Explorer time stamps show them the other way around
  • The setup says to produce a moviemaker log file but I can’t find it

What do I need to do to fix this?
Kind Regards

Just out of interest do you have the WM Encoder installed?

Also if there is a image that is a different size it wont work
Also if there is a corrupt image it wont work…

Make sure WM Encoder is installed and totally delete all the
time stamped webcam files to make sure they will be ok for
the next try and see how you go, dont ajust the image size
during the day or night cause this will stop it from working, if
you do ever change the size then delete all the images of the
size that you no longer require…

Hope that all makes sense lol, good luck

Thanks for the advice which I shall follow. I do have the WM Encoder installed. I don’t know what size it expects: my images are set to 320x240 high quality, however I will delete them all as suggested.

I have noted that if I tick the box “Use this file to create the movie from” then the WMV file has the later timestamp otherwise the MPG file has the later timestamp. I’m assuming I need it set (since it is logical that the WMV file should have the newer timestamp).

I’ll report back tomorrow since my settings say not to capture files overnight.

Kind Regards