Versions 9.55?not updating webfiles

It appears 9.55 is no longer updating my web files…anyone have 9.52?..that was the last known version that worked for me…

9.55 is updating my web files via internal FTP. But I can send you 9.5x


something possibly broke with my new version…send me 9.52 to
[email protected]


Which relelase? a, b, etc.


email me you ini file settings…
and check its not a firewall blocking it

no other reports of problems…so it points to something beign off (
check the main internet switch is ON under connecitons, and you have ticked use weather display ftpupd.exe (unless you want the files saved only for a web server, untick that), and also check the web files location, under webfiles, all under setup, ftp setup
check under view, program error log for any errors reported there