Version Tagging

Anyone else want the version release of WD tagged? Would be nice to look at the Help-About screen and see what ver. is running.


The version of WD is on the main display beside Current Weather.

Mine just says 9.47. No “a” or whatever.


I think there is a 947, 947a and 947b. Must be a Nz system. Eat your heart out Bill Gates…

the versuion #, in those 2 places, I update in the code.
if its not what is shown on the download location, then you have either downloaded a cached verison (and the installer tells you what version), or you have installed to a wrong location, or I have stuffed up!

The DL location only shows as wdisplay.exe when you try to DL the latest version from the homepage. The installer however, shows different. So I think you could stuff it up as wdisplay949c.exe?


p.s I don; think you can cache a 4 meg file in the browser.

wdisplay32.exe is the download file…

ISP’s sometimes cache it…
it happens, believe me!