Version 9.69a

Hi Brian,
Just to let you know that this version keeps the max/min when restarting or installing a new version: thanks.
Another very old bug: at every restart the com port must be selected again before a read-out can start. Not a big issue if one knows it.
For the rest: no major problems for moooooonhts! BTW I’m still using the old FTP program. The new one works well except for the metar downloads but I suspect that’s rather my ISP than WD.
A very happy customer :smiley: ,

yup, i finally fixed that reset/restart (for the first time for the day)
com port:
so, with the ws2000 (the beast), if you just leave wd,after restarting, after 3 minutes it does not start to get the data auto?

If you figure out Marc’s com port problem, let me know. Mine is still doing it, for months now.
setup: latest WD, Ulitmeter, W98

hi all,

Comport here ok
the beast : WMR900h (sim as w2000/Lacrosse) :twisted:
vers 9.69

is it since 9.69a ?

Hello Brian,

I’m not sure if the bug you are talking about in this thread is the same one that I am seeing, but here it is:

I’m running 9.67b with a La Crosse WS-2010.

If I shut down Weather-View and restart it, various readings, including the Daily HI-LOW reports seem to move back a day.

The console graph shows the proper readings, but the actual digital readings to the left are wrong.

Example: Yesterday my graph shows .26 inches of rain, but the Rainfall window in the bottom left only reports 0.03

see my webpage:

Can you verify this?

Brent Headberg
West Palm Beach, FL

This bug was corrected recently with v9.69a. I would suggest you upgrade to the latest version and after the program close using the latest version you will see the error is corrected.


brent this link doesn’t work !

see my webpage:

Sorry about that, the correct URL is:

I will download the latest version and check to see if my graphs and data are reading correctly.

Thanks for responding so fast.


Hi all,
Concerning the com port and start of readings:
Station is a WMR900 (=WS2000), running on Win98 SE and XP home edition. Interface on Win 98 is via USB, on XP direct on COM 1. Neither start readings without selecting the com port - not even after 30 minutes. This has started long before version 9.69a. The fact that ED does not have this problem with the same station is really funny. But again, Brian, as for me, you can put this on the very lowest of your priorities as I don’t need an auto-restart of the pc: both pc’s are very stable and a restart is only needed if I update the virusscanner, windows or if I install a new program. For the rest a restart is never needed.

Hi Marc

what’s your interface to your comp ?
I have one from Conrad Holland/Germany

It takes time before the interface sees the port and it takes a lot of time before it sends the data over for the first time or after changing batteries

I have a repeater as well, it prevented me from wrong email warnings in the past (at this moment it’s back again see topic somewere) and can be very helpfull

Do you have a solar ?
At this moment I see data even over channel 8 which i don’t have !
When I remove it from setup it’s confused at all so I leave it that way…data comes for the solar over channel 2 as well
My datadisplay works for 99% fine and WD is for me 90% correct.

But all beside that WD is for me more then only a SW prog because Brian is always running between his emails, farm kids/family and other interests to give us SUPER support…

Just to say that I am having similar problems with no green LED for signal and qualtity. All was well until v9.69, then found the software stopped for no reason. Went back to v9.68, and all is well again.

hi Andy

is this related to ws2000/…/…
just DL vers 9.69d and have no problems with the green led
(it starts at once because of my LighteningD)

what the status of your sensors, see my topic to Marc

Win ME

after the monthly rollover, the program crashed at 00:10 with the d version .

Ed - Iam using a WMR918. I have managed to get versions 9.69 x working okay, but only by reselecting comm port and weatherstation used. Then WD started but took ages to confirm data received and even longer to turn the data quality LED green.

All these problems started “out of the blue” last Saturday (I think) about 11.15am. The way I noticed was the plot had stopped and the graph just indicated straight lines only.

I gather I am not the only one having this problem by looking at previous comments in this column

System used - Windows XP Professional, processor 1.4GHz, 256K RAM, Hard drive 80Gb.

Program Log shows no errors. Battery sensors show OK.