Version 9.47b FTP upload not working


The auto FTP upload in version 9.47b is not functioning.
Neither is the test button for it. I tried resetting and restarting but still no-go.



I went back to an earlier version and it’s not working there either :frowning:


Same here. A very frustrating night. I was running fine for a number of days with the earlier version as long as custom web pages and email reports were kept off.

Last night I tried the latest version. Initially the new version worked but then somehow some time later the ftp function broke. Going back to earlier versions wouldn’t fix it! I tried the old version ftpupd.exe but that didn’t work. Even installing my standby APRSLite version wouldn’t fix it!

I restored an earlier wdisplay.ini file from a backup with no luck. Finally I used regedit to search for wdisplayftp, exported it to save it, and then DELETED IT(!), and then reinstalled.

There was still some gyrations… I couldn’t get APRSLite to get the APRS setup set correctly (Why is it not setting the port to the correct default of 21!!!) but reinstalling wdisplay did allow me to get the setup for APRS correct. THEN I reinstalled APRSLite again and finally its’ FTP fcn was working again.

So far so good my APRSLite is still running 5 hours later…

I’m running the latest version 9.47d and this ftpupd.exe is just not doing anything. It gets started up at the scheduled times but then just sits there! It’s not doing its’ upload tasks. Why?!

The APRSLite ran fine all day before I tried this new version.

i only changed 1 little thing…for a error handling with a dial up modem…
its working better than ever for me…(no more crashes of the ftp for me now when it tries to dial as another program disconnects or vice versa)
but because its a new vers, any firewalls will have to let it through

I just installed v9.49 and so far the FTP is working fine! Ever since 9.47b I had to copy in the old ftp program. The FTP included with v9.47b would never do its thing. The problem may have been fixed in v9.48 (which I haven’t tried).

well bugger me!
Q: Do you have any dial up networking installed on your PC ? (i know you have a permanent connection, yes>?)
I did make 1 little change in that area…and that will be the clue.

i have had no more problems my self with the latest ftp vers , 6.39
so i am happy too

There is a modem card in this system but it doesn’t look like I have dialup networking installed. After running overnight it looks like just two ftpupd processes hung and had to be terminated. All of the others (about 50, since somethig gets uploaded/downloaded every ten minutes) ran to completion just fine.

looks like a big improvement then
it should not try and use DUN if have permanent internet ticked…
humm…the change i made was in the dial up component…i am confused!

I guess I could reinstall the older version to see if the problem resurfaces. Maybe when I get home tonight I’ll do that and see.

FTP works for me without any problems except for finding the files I need to FTP and making the correct settings. Version 9.47e


permanent connection it has been good with …but the particular problems ted encountered seemed to be for him only …and his system
thats computers for you!