Version 2


Is it possible to give us a status update on WDLive v2 ?
I love v1 and can’t wait to implement v2 on my site.

Kind regards,


Should be just under 3 weeks away hopefully!
here is a sample Julian showed my on the work in progress

just to get you more excited, LOL

ps, I am pretty sure Julian is away on a family vacation just at the moment, but when gets back, he will rip into it :lol: :o :wink:

I’m still here! Sorry - busy weekend. :slight_smile:
v2 is getting there but I need to fix a couple of bugs, then write some comprehensive notes as it’s not as straightforward to use as v1 - if you want to customise it. Hopefully within the next few weeks as long as I can get some time to do it!



Can’t wait to implement this version.
Looks very promising to me.

In another post you mentiond (good english uhh). that it is possible to place separate gauges. For instance only the temp or wind gauges.

How is this done ? By using one or more config files and add them as an parameter in the swf call ? Or is this all possible from one config file ?



It will all be done with a new expanded config file. The parameter (querystring) in the URL will point to the config file instead of the clientraw which means that you’ll be able to have multiple configurations. If you want to specify a different location for the clientraw then you’ll be able to do so in the config…



I’m very exited seeing the V2. Is there a release date available (or a BETA at least, to enjoy the taste of V2 final? 8) ).

If the spirit of V1.08 will be continued (and doubled - it’s V2! :smiley: ) I’ll purchase it.

There’s no way around! :lol:

Julian is ready for beta testers to use it now, thats the latest that I know
Email him to become a beta tester
I have seen the latest work, on his site, and its really very good!!!

I was going to hold off posting this until I’d sent v2 to the beta testers but here is a taster for you (if you promise not to hold me to a release date :))
Is the new basic version - note all time records, extra graphs, average compass direction, new humidity meter.
Is exactly the same but the Dutch version (4 languages currently available). This has been changed with just one line in the config file.
Has had the config file changed so that the emphasis is on temperature! Note that the indoor temp has been made smaller and that the soil and grass temperatures are from the extra sensor inputs to WD. There is also a link on the main temperature thermometer to link back to the main weather page. You can add links like this to any instrument.


Thats finnish i guess ? Not dutch :slight_smile:

Looks very very very promising !!

Who does the graphics on the gauges an vu meter’s ?
They look so good !



Sorry it’s Danish! Options at the moment are Dutch, Danish, Finnish and English, with French, German and Portuguese hopefully on the way.


I must confess that I do the graphics. I’m not an expert so it takes me a while. Personally I think some work better than others but there are a lot that never made it - LOL!

click on the Records button to see the all time records too guys! :wink:

joearn, is the crashes of wd still happening?

I’m impressed…

I know how difficult it is to make good gauges etc and i must say the visual design of WDlive is very good very proffesional. :occasion5:

i still have those crashes Brian :slight_smile:
But can’t find any logic explanation. Today i had another problem with the rain collector readings. 7.9mm a day went to 65 mm a day in Wdisplay. I guess it’s time do to a clean install. Another thing ive noticed is that it’s possible to run multiple instances of wdmysql.




It’s realy a taste of very fine stuff coming up there!

Thinking, you’ll be richer very soon! 8)

One thing I’m wondering about is the word “Min” under the wind gauge.
Shouldn’t it be “Max”??? :wink:

Are the “analog” gauges available for all types or for humidity only (I’m a fan of such ol’ looking things :stuck_out_tongue: )!

Realy great! Continue like this and I promise not to hold you to a release date!
BUT HURRY UP!!! :lol:

Well spotted - yes Min should be Max.

The interchangeability of instruments vary but I should be able to make them more flexible in future versions. At the moment the ‘VU meter’ is only for humidity (internal or external or an extra sensor). You can replace any of the gauges with text though (except for wind) which enables you to focus the display for a particular type of reading, as I did for temperature. And you can decide whether or not to display any of the instruments individually. You could just have one very large thermometer should you so wish!

The benefit of this is that it means you could have the basic display then create a link on a particular instrument to open a new version of WDL (a separate web page) with more of that type of instrument. It makes it very flexible for you to choose how you wish to display the data.


just looked at your version 2 on link above looks good but under records for month you have rain in last hour of -1.0mm a bit strange

It’s coming in from WD like that. Brian is looking into it.


yes my wd is saying the same value but different time and date

10.16t beta uploading now
should fix the -1 rain in the last hour