Vers 9.54 should be good

i have fixed up some introduced bugs!
please use this version

heres hoping
thanks for the support and understanding!
:lol: 8) :oops:


I tried 9.54… am now getting an error stating that there is not a calculable sun rise, sun set. Double checked my Lat/Lon/Elev. all are OK, but still getting the same error. I’ve reverted back to 9.53c for the moment.


i accidently have it where error messages like that show up instead of under view, program error log
it might be there in the prev vers
make sure you have lat/long around the right way
post your numbers here


if that is listed as long then latitude, as per the sun moon setup screen
then you have them back to front :slight_smile:

Reversed 'em and that took care of the problem. Odd, though as I had not changed any of those settings in a very long time…


just a note everyone:
the server is being transfered to a new secure server at the moment, so it is down at the moment
should be up again in a few hours

just when it looks like i have things sorted out!
looks like the random crashes wtih the WS2310 are fixed!
i feel much bettter now :slight_smile: