Ver 9.53 problems -- Unwanted files are uploading?

Turned on upload detailed real graphs as well and then turned them off but the realtimegraph2.gif is still loading. Went back in to ensure its still unchecked and it is.

Also the file is still not being added to the default page. (and yes I checked and unchecked and rechecked the option to upload the forecast to the web page)

i will check up on the first one, but the 2nd one:
change it all to upper case, the file to download, i.e .TXT on the end
try that
also, check the ftplogfull.txt file for any download file error

Brian, Just checked the filename and it is in all uppercase. The ftp log is fine and the file is downloading with no problems every 30 minutes. Could the file be too large? It worked just fine until ver 9.50.

not sure about the download, but i have found and fixed the other bug (a mix up with ini file entries)
updating the vers 9.53 now